• Stream YogiTunes as background music for your online videos

  • Regularly priced business and studio plans apply (limited time only)

  • We help you if the video gets flagged, muted or is taken down

  • We help you decide which platform is best for you (YouTube, Facebook. etc.)

  • Email us your video with "Music by YogiTunes' credited and we'll re-post your video on social media!


For a limited time, our regularly priced business and studio plans allow you to use YogiTunes as background music for videos you create and upload to the internet.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Zoom, etc. all have different rules for how music is handled.   Some services like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, actively listen to background music, where as services like Vimeo and Zoom don't.


In some cases you don't need to do anything, whereas in other cases you will be given an opportunity to prove that you have permission to use the music that's in your video.  There are some exceptions and we are here to help with that process as it differs from service to service.

Our current recommendations for the smoothest experience are:


Facebook and Facebook Live:

  • Videos are not interrupted while live streaming

  • Facebook automatically reviews a live stream video after it's been posted

  • If it detects a potential issue, it will temporarily mute the audio in question and an email will be sent to the user with steps to 'Restore Audio'

  • Go through those steps and the audio will be restored.

  • You have permission to do this as long as you're using YogiTunes songs/music only

  • If for any reason a video you've posted is taken down for music copyright issues, email us and we'll help you get it cleared



  • No copyright issues if your channel isn't monetized (meaning you don't already collect revenue from ads)

  • You may get notice of a copyright claim but that simply means YouTube has an existing agreement with the artist(s) in question and any ad revenue generated by the video will be automatically redirected to them.  *NOTE* This does not conflict with YogiTunes and you don't need to dispute this claim.  Just let YouTube pay the artists.

  • For monetized channels, or if for some other reason YouTube flags your video and sends you a copyright takedown email, simply forward that email along with the YouTube URL to us and we'll handle clearing it through a process called 'Whitelisting',

  • Whitelisting requires artists/labels to clear the video on our behalf, so the time it takes depends on how fast they respond.

  • **YouTube Live Stream is currently NOT something we recommend.  It can shut your live stream down if it detects you using music, and there's no easy way to prevent that.



  • We're still unclear on their policies as they're currently changing.  They have been known to block music immediately and don't have a way to prevent that even if you have permission.  We need more test cases, so please experiment and if you end up getting a video blocked that's not restorable, we'll give you some free time on our service to compensate you~!


Vimeo & Zoom:

  • No copyright issues as these services don't listen to videos for music


Wix + Squarespace, etc.

  • For web design platforms they have no music detection running unless you're using YouTube to post videos.  If you use the built-in video managers for these sites you are free to use our music and won't get any copyright claims.

Yogaglo, Yogaworks and other subscription based online yoga class companies:

Our regular subscription plans don't cover this type of use unless we have a direct licensing deal with the company you teach for.  You can email us to ask about a particular service :)

Any other video service you can always inquire with us first.  Most platforms are ok, and if there's an issue there are ways to prove you have permission.  We're here to help with that!

Crediting: You don't have to credit YogiTunes for the use of music, but if you do, either in the post roll slide of your video, or in the description below the video, email use proof and we'll re-post your video on social media!

Video Setup Tips:

  • Make sure you use a different device for video and music

  • Use high quality speakers

  • Place the speakers and the video recording device in such a way as to get a good balance between your voice and the music. 

  • Run a test video before you stream to make sure your voice is in the foreground but the music is still clear and audible.

  • Make sure your devices have fully charged batteries, and consider saving your playlist offline and putting your audio device in airplane mode so as to minimize music interruptions.

Currently YogiTunes Plus is available at no extra cost, as a limited time offer to help teachers and studios who are having to teach from home.


Streaming background music for videos uploaded to the internet.

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